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International Journal of New Developments in Education, 2023, 5(3); doi: 10.25236/IJNDE.2023.050310.

Research on the mixed teaching model of college English under the new media


Cui Wei

Corresponding Author:
Cui Wei

Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology, Benxi, China


Under the new media environment, college English is facing a new teaching reform in the process of teaching. Making good use of new media can effectively exert the advantages of the mixed teaching mode, and help students improve their learning ability and comprehensive quality in an all-round way. Based on the background of new media, this paper studies the mixed teaching of college English, and analyzes the teaching approaches from the aspects of integrating teaching models and building new teacher-student relationships.


New media; College English; Mixed teaching; Teaching evaluation system

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Cui Wei. Research on the mixed teaching model of college English under the new media. International Journal of New Developments in Education (2023) Vol. 5, Issue 3: 51-55. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJNDE.2023.050310.


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