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Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science, 2024, 7(2); doi: 10.25236/AJETS.2024.070213.

Research on UAV Formation Positioning Method Based on Relative Angle Information


Yaobin Zhu, Le Yu, Xiangrong Gu

Corresponding Author:
Yaobin Zhu

School of Automation, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, 210094, China


In this paper, the localization problem of UAVs flying at the same altitude is investigated. Firstly, a rectangular coordinate system based on two signal transmitting UAVs is established, and four different choices of signal transmitting UAVs are identified. Then, several circular orbit equations are constructed by analyzing the relative angles between the signal transmitting UAV and the receiving UAV and the fixed positions of the signal transmitting UAV. By solving these equations together, the current position of the UAV with deviation can be accurately determined and the UAV positioning can be realized. Further, this study analyzes the relative positions of the UAV formation in the ideal state, and obtains the directional information α1 and α2, which should be captured when the UAV receives the signal at the target position. Because the position deviation of the receiving signal UAV is small, the relative Angle information captured by the receiving signal UAV changes only in a small range, which makes it possible to determine the number of the signaling UAV by comparing the expected relative Angle information in the four cases. Finally, the UAV positioning model is used to determine the location of all UAVs, and the validity of the model is verified by geometric theorems such as sine and cosine. The results show that only one additional UAV can transmit signals to achieve effective positioning of the entire UAV formation. This discovery provides a new method for UAV formation positioning and lays a foundation for further research and application.


UAV formation, Positioning, Relative Angle information, Ssignal emission, Geometry theorem

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Yaobin Zhu, Le Yu, Xiangrong Gu. Research on UAV Formation Positioning Method Based on Relative Angle Information. Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science (2024) Vol. 7, Issue 2: 80-87. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJETS.2024.070213.


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