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Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science, 2019, 2(1); doi: 10.25236/AJETS.020012.

Modal Parameter Identification of an Arch Bridge Based under Ambient Excitation


Xijuan Jiang, Yubin Wang and Lei Wang

Corresponding Author:
Lei Wang

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Jinan, Jinan 250022, China
*Corresponding author Email: [email protected]


The theory of modal parameter identification based on self-cross spectrum density method was introduced. Taking an arch bridge as the research background, the modal test of the bridge was carried out by using the locomotive measure point method under ambient excitation. The modal frequencies, shapes and damping ratios of  the first six orders of the bridge were identified by self-cross spectrum density method. At the same time, the software of ANSYS was used to establish the finite element model of the bridge, and the corresponding frequencies and mode shapes were obtained by analysis. The comparison of measured and analyzed modal parameters shows that the results of the two methods are very close.


Arch bridge, locomotive measure point method, ambient excitation, model analysis

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Xijuan Jiang, Yubin Wang and Lei Wang, Modal Parameter Identification of an Arch Bridge Based under Ambient Excitation. Academic Journal of Engineering and Technology Science (2019) Vol. 2: 29-40. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJETS.020012.


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