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International Journal of Frontiers in Engineering Technology, 2021, 3(2); doi: 10.25236/IJFET.2021.030205.

Modeling and Reliability Analysis of Fuzzy Random Model of End-Bearing Piles


Gongxing Yan

Corresponding Author:
Gongxing Yan

College of Civil Engineering, Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering, Chongqing 402260, China


Based on the fuzziness of random parameters in the reliability analysis model, a fuzzy random reliability analysis model using the first-order second moment method (FOSM) is established. With the decomposition theorem, a series of cut sets are obtained and the fuzzy numbers are converted into a series of interval numbers for calculation, achieving a reasonable fuzzy random reliability calculation method. This method is proved reasonable and practical to analyze the reliability of piles by many actual examples.


Piles, Fuzzy Random Reliability, Cut Set, Interval Number

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Gongxing Yan. Modeling and Reliability Analysis of Fuzzy Random Model of End-Bearing Piles. International Journal of Frontiers in Engineering Technology (2021), Vol. 3, Issue 2: 24-29. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJFET.2021.030205.


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