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Frontiers in Educational Research, 2021, 4(11); doi: 10.25236/FER.2021.041106.

What Is A Good Teacher For High School Students? --A survey of high schools in Yangtze River Delta


Jiayi Yuan1, Yufan Jiang2, Shucheng Zhang3, Yutao Hu4

Corresponding Author:
Jiayi Yuan

1Sino Canada High School, Fenhu Hi-Tech Development Zone, Canada

2Yuanqing Senior High School, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

3Hangzhou Foreign Languages School, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

4The Affiliated High School to Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

These authors contributed equally to this work


Through the methods of literature review, questionnaire survey and mathematical statistics, this paper makes a survey and research on senior high school students in the Yangtze River Delta region, and gets the following conclusions: (1) students generally pay more attention to teachers' teaching methods and basic qualities (such as professional knowledge, ability of communicating with others, etc.) than their appearance; (2) boys’ and girls' evaluation of good teachers has significant differences in personal image indicators; (3) The significant differences are mainly focused on the following indicators: images, hobbies, language expressions and teaching styles.


high school students, good teachers, questionnaire analysis

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Jiayi Yuan, Yufan Jiang, Shucheng Zhang, Yutao Hu. What Is A Good Teacher For High School Students?  --A survey of high schools in Yangtze River Delta. Frontiers in Educational Research (2021) Vol. 4, Issue 11: 33-37. https://doi.org/10.25236/FER.2021.041106.


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