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Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences, 2021, 4(11); doi: 10.25236/AJHSS.2021.041116.

Comprehensive Post Disaster Psychological Assistance System Based on Sociology


Hongyang Lin

Corresponding Author:
Hongyang Lin

Fuzhou Sunshine International School, Fuzhou 350015, China


When the novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in early 2020 in China, and then to the heavy rain event in Henan in July 20, 2021, more and more private individuals realized the importance of psychological relief after natural disasters. From the perspective of sociology, according to the current situation of post disaster reconstruction in China, this paper comprehensively and scientifically discusses the necessity and importance of psychological assistance after natural disasters and emergencies, and puts forward some suggestions in order to give some inspiration to other research scholars.


Sociology; natural disaster; Psychological assistance; Psychology

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Hongyang Lin. Comprehensive Post Disaster Psychological Assistance System Based on Sociology. Academic Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences (2021) Vol. 4, Issue 11: 79-83. https://doi.org/10.25236/AJHSS.2021.041116.


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