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International Journal of New Developments in Education, 2022, 4(7); doi: 10.25236/IJNDE.2022.040710.

The path of integrating craftsman spirit into curriculum ideological and political construction


Tong Zhao

Corresponding Author:
Tong Zhao

College of Marxism, Chang’ an University, Xi’ an 710064, China


The spirit of craftsman is the value symbol of the laborers' pursuit of a better life in the new era. It shows the spiritual outlook of the construction and development of the industry and becomes the inner support to promote the conmeaning construction of the curriculum. Spirit to explore into the curriculum practice of the construction of the ideological path, should be based on the reality of the social development needs, with khalid ents as logic construction practice origin, through creating teaching resources database, say, to build and build the educational ecosystem, continuously enrich the new curriculum for the construction of the ideological connotation, thus the "education for the country, For the party to cultivate talent "the task of The Times to implement, make actual results.


Craftsman spirit, Curriculum ideology and politics, Reform and innovation, Practice the path

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Tong Zhao. The path of integrating craftsman spirit into curriculum ideological and political construction. International Journal of New Developments in Education (2022) Vol. 4, Issue 7: 59-65. https://doi.org/10.25236/IJNDE.2022.040710.


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